Mobile Autonome Systeme
und Kognitive Robotik

MASCOR Institute part of the Exhibition at ECMR 2021

written by Stefan Schiffer on 2021-09-01

ECMR 2021

The European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR) is a biennial conference on mobile robotics and mobile human-robot systems.

ECMR 2021 is the 10th instance:

This year's conference is held in Bonn but as a fully virtual event. It features an exhibition where MASCOR is one of the exhibitors. See for a complete list.


Stefan Schiffer was presenting the MASCOR Institute with its projects and activities engaging in interesting discussions.

Find the MASCOR Institute's set of teaser slides as a PDF .

Also, take a look at where you can browse through what the MASCOR Institute is about yourself.