Mobile Autonomous Systems
and Cognitive Robotics


Project Title
Field Robot for ecological weed management in vegetable production
Supervising Professor
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Kallweit (FB8)
Scientific Staff
Josef Franko, Heiko Engemann, Enno Dülberg

Mobile autonomous field robot

ETAROB is an autonomous agricultural robot and an innovation for the automation of monotonous and physically demanding field work.

ETAROB's design reduces soil consolidation so that time-critical field work can be planned and carried out regardless of weather conditions.

Autonomous systems operate driverless and can theoretically work 24 hours a day.

The compatibility of the sensor module with various cultivation tools allows adaptation to any work processes, such as weed control, fertilisation or harvesting.

ETAS field robot software

The ETAS field robot software controls the autonomous operation. An interface to the digital field index in your company enables an easy integration. For example, the agricultural process and resource management software RIWO can be used. You do not use any farm management software?

An intuitive web interface provides access to your process data:

In ETAS-online you define your fields with a map plugin, manage the work orders of the available field robots.

ETAS-online keeps track of all running process and enables mobile access.

Evaluation & Analysis

ETAS supports your quality control of every single plant. Our analysis is based on industrial imaging sensors such as thermography, radar and stereo vision. This multimodal approach is combined in the Open Source Robotics Framework ROS and computed into valuable information.

The position of each individual plant relative to the tool is determined in real-time while moving, ensuring efficient weed control.

Machine learning methods optimize plant recognition and the intelligence of the ETAS field robot software.



ETAROB 2018:



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